What is B2B Writing? - A deep dive

What is B2B Writing? - A deep dive

If you're into writing, you've probably heard about B2B writing or B2B in general. This article will examine B2B writing, its meaning, and how to get started. First, we need to understand what B2B itself means.

B2B simply means Business-to-Business. B2B is in direct contrast to B2C, which means business-to-customers, or even B2G(Business-to-government). B2B simply means business creating services or products for other businesses.

According to the average man, every business wants to make goods for individuals, which are often described as customers. Like vehicle companies, they make cars for me, and you or phone companies make androids and iPhones for individuals. B2B transactions happen behind closed doors before that car or phone can reach you. For example, Apple purchases their OLED panels from Samsung yearly to put on their latest iPhones. Samsung creates several LCD panels for other phone manufacturers like Xiaomi, and Sony creates and delivers camera sensors to several manufacturers. These are what are considered B2B transactions.

Now that that's out of the way...

...What is B2B Writing?

B2B writing simply means writing for one business directed at another business. Whatever a B2B writer does is targeted at another business, either as an existing or potential customer. This can be in the form of a blog post, email newsletter, sales pitch, documentation, marketing materials, press release, social media ads, copywriting and everything in between.

B2B writing isn't done like any other writing; that's why it's in a different category on its own. B2B writing has to be in the most corporate tone ever. There is no room for light-headed jokes, and it's mostly dry, corporate and quite frankly boring. Second only to a legal document. This is because the receiver or the audience wants a document that states facts(like graphs, sales numbers, costs etc..) and is very to the point as possible.

How to get started as a B2B writer...

Like every other writing niche, you can start by getting familiar with the subject matter or topic. You have to get familiar with the business industry.

You would also need to niche down. B2B writing is a broad and big topic, where there are several forms of B2B content. You will need to find where you're good at. Take your time to look at all the forms of B2B writing there is, and pick one or two to settle down with. This can be an email newsletter, sales pitch, documentation, or blog posts.

After knowing where you want to be, gather your work to build a portfolio. That's the only way anyone will believe you actually know what you're doing. A portfolio will convince a client or an employer 90% of the time that you're a right fit for whatever it is they need you for.


B2B writing is a large field; hopefully, you will have a basic idea of what it is here and can carry out your research further from here.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully, you enjoyed the article as much as I did writing it. Till we meet again, internet stranger!

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