Web3 and Javascript; What can Javascript do?

Web3 and Javascript; What can Javascript do?

If you're someone with a developer background, you probably know that Javascript has a say in every tech field. From web development to apps, to machine learning to games, every field. But what about the rising world of Web3 and blockchain? Is there anything Javascript developers can work on within web3? Well, we're about to find out. First off...

What are Web3 and Javascript?

Just in case you're beginning your entire development journey and don't know what javascript is. Javascript is a programming language used most often to design web pages. It offers interactivity to a web page and allows your website to interact with its user fully. Although this is by no means the only use case of Javascript, it's just the basics of what it is used for.

Pure Javascript offers insights into the core workings of programming languages, and after learning the basics of javascript, you'll be set to tackle the inner workings of the language.

On to web3...

Web3 is an emerging concept, and according to professionals in that field, web3 is the "next evolution" of the internet. The third generation of the internet is a new generation from the 1st and 2nd generations.

The first generation was the days of static web pages, where users could only consume and didn't have any ability to provide any value in return. On the other hand, the second generation is the invention of interactive internets, like social media sites and video streaming. The point is the user can now interact with the internet, moving from simply consuming to being able to create content, videos, pictures, and likes.

Web3, the third generation of the internet, prioritizes removing any organization from control. Web3 proposes removing organizations from controlling and monetizing the content users create on the internet. Web3 users can now interact with the internet through decentralized networks, so you don't have to lick the boots of companies trying to take your data and money.

Since blockchain technology is the only proper implementation of the decentralized future, it's impossible to talk about web3 without talking about blockchain. Since the launch of bitcoin, which implements the core principles of blockchain, we have seen several other products become more decentralized, like other cryptocurrencies, DeFi(Decentralized Finance), NFTs, and others. Although web3 isn't been fully adopted all over the internet, these products are the building blocks.

What can Javascript do in Web3?


Web3.js is a collection of libraries that allows the developer to interact with an Ethereum node using HTTP, WebSockets, or IPC. With Web3.js you can develop websites or clients that interact with the blockchain. so you can develop sites that can send ether and receive ether from one account to another, create smart contrast, and so much more.

Learning Web3.js will help you solidify your knowledge in blockchain development and place you in the emerging world of Web3. Web3 is also very close to ether.js, the only difference being that the Ethereum foundation develops Web3.js, so naturally, it has a wider support team and community.

Blockchain development

With javascript, you can build your blockchain or for a company. Javascript has concepts at its core that allow for standard blockchain development. Although most popular cryptocurrencies do not currently use javascript. Solana uses rust, bitcoin uses C++, and Ethereum uses Go. You do have to consider the fact that blockchain isn't only used for creating cryptocurrencies, as there are a lot of use cases for blockchain technology.

Using your existing Javascript knowledge to dive into the blockchain world, you are already looking at a decentralized world, which is the core of Web3.


Web3 has been the town's talk for a long time now, and if you're eager to work on web3 technologies with javascript, you can. As a developer, though, never blind your eye to new information cause our world as developers changes every second.

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