Top 5 CSS Courses for Beginners

Top 5 CSS Courses for Beginners

I think we can all agree that when it comes to tech, there are multiple resources online that we can pick up, either paid or free. As a beginner in this field, it can be really challenging to sort out the best course for us out of all the noise.

I didn't think this would be a challenge for most beginner developers until I saw a fellow dev asking which CSS course he could take since the one he had was really complex. I decided to put down this article and put some of my recommendations into a list for any other developer in the same situation.

W3Schools CSS (Free)

As surprising as it might be, not many devs have considered checking out W3schools. Their courses have proven to be extremely detailed and beginner-friendly, and they're free forever. W3schools have started a lot of people's careers.

W3schools can be a starting point for your CSS journey. By completing the course, you would have been equipped with the knowledge to move to other complex CSS courses.

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CSS Beginner Courses - Udemy (Paid)

As Nigerian developers, especially beginners, it is possible that they might not want to spend on a course just yet because of several circumstances. Still, on the other end, a few wouldn't mind putting off a few thousand nairas for a course they think might help them.

Udemy is a platform of great developer resources. There are plenty of CSS courses on the platforms that are great for beginners. If you want a specific recommendation, might I suggest "CSS Course for Complete Beginners" on Udemy? It comprises good theory and practical aspects of CSS, and Udemy will give first-time buyers 75% off, making it N3,500.

If you're looking for a CSS beginner course and willing to put some naira away. Then Udemy is the right platform.

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FreeCodeCamp CSS(Free)

How can we forget our big friend in tech, Freecodecamp? FreeCodeCamp is a large empire of free and beginner-friendly tutorials that can help you transform your career in months. They have courses in Javascript, Node, Flutter, React, Bootstrap, Tailwind, and anything you can think of pretty much in tech.

FreeCodeCamp offers a full CSS course available on youtube, where you can learn the foundations, and build amazing projects, and here me out. It's free! No hidden payment whatsoever.

After you're done with the CSS course, you can head over to their website and complete their responsive website course, this time you get a certificate, after completion. Calm calm, it's still free.

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Codecademy is a giant in the edutech space, they have comprehensive courses, and their certificates are very prestigious as well. There's a full front-end career path course that you can take, where you'll learn some HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Of course, this part is paid. You will have to pay $13.99 per month.

If you're not interested in all that, you can take a standalone CSS beginner-friendly course that's free; all you have to put in is your email. Although, to get a certificate from a free course you have to upgrade your membership.

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Udacity (Hybrid)

I remember when I started my career in tech, Udacity felt like Harvard to me and I had absolutely no idea why. Visiting the landing pages and the student success they have just made me feel so happy; unfortunately, I wasn't able to afford any of the courses lmao. Udacity has a hybrid system of free and paid courses, and they organize it so well in a way that you get to do a free course first, then transition into a paid nano degree.

I took some time to study their HTML and CSS free beginner course, and the syllabus is extremely friendly for people that haven't written a single line of code ever.

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